London man with the business plan

For Balvinder Malhotra, a £70,000 scratchcard win was the bottom-line boost he needed to buy a new convenience store

A lucky man from Feltham has been able to rekindle his business ambitions after a £70,000 win on a National Lottery Gamestore scratchcard.

Balvinder Malhotra
treated himself to what turned out to be a life-changing scratchcard after a busy day at work. “It had been a long day and I wasn’t really paying attention when I started to play the scratchcard, so when it looked like I had won £70,000, I was sure there must be some mistake.”

Balvinder's wife proved even harder to convince. “When I realised that it really was a £70,000 win I called Hardeep who just told me to stop joking. It was only when I got home and showed her the scratchcard that the penny dropped and she burst into tears of joy!”


I can now start looking for another shop to buy

Balvinder Malhotra

Putting the money to work

With the £70,000 safe in the bank Balvinder can now start to make plans for the future.

“I used to have a small shop but sadly we lost this when some other big retailers moved into the area. I’ve been working really hard to try and buy another convenience store but I still had quite a way to go. This win will give me the financial boost I need and I can now start looking for another shop to buy.”

Balvinder is also thinking of a trip to Dubai or New York to treat his family and celebrate the win.

“The last few years since losing the business have been tough so it will be nice to take a trip somewhere really special to mark this magic moment of luck," he says. "I always believed one day I would be able to get another shop. Admittedly I didn’t think it would happen this way but I am delighted that it did – looks like 2016 is going to be a great year for our little family!” 

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