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Kindness can mean something different to each of us. From holding the door open for a stranger, to buying a friend a gift. And during busy periods in our lives, it’s easy to forget how much kindness can affect those around us. 

Showing kindness doesn’t just mean a huge gesture that is time-consuming and expensive. By being conscious of little things we can do that have a positive impact, we are all capable of being kind - every single day!

We’ve shared 5 tips on how you can show kindness on a daily basis:

1. Offer your support

Can you reach out to someone in your team to see if they need support with any of their work? Or help someone out with carrying their bags to the car at a supermarket? Or maybe you could offer up your seat on public transport. By making your support available, even if it’s turned down, the kindness you share will help those around you feel valued and cared for. 

2. Share some positive feedback

This doesn’t have to just be at work (although it’s nice to show your work pals that you appreciate them). It could be leaving a review on the Facebook page of a small business. Or even complimenting someone on the excellent customer service they’ve offered you. These words of kindness could make their day! At Camelot, we have a recognition program called Thumbs Up -a peer to peer recognition scheme to recognise someone for the excellent work they’ve done. A little thanks goes a long way!   

3. Make a phone call

We can all be guilty of sending someone a text or email, when actually a phone call adds a much more personal touch. What about calling one of your Grandparents, just to check in? Or ringing a friend that you haven’t spoken to in a while so you can catch up. A short phone call could instantly lift their mood, knowing that you’ve been thinking of them and gone out of your way to have a conversation.

4. Pick up some rubbish

Kindness isn’t just limited to interaction with people. You could be kinder to the environment too. Can you pick up a piece of rubbish on your next walk and put it in a bin, rather than walking past and ignoring it?

5. And finally… smile!

It’s easy to underestimate the impact that smiling has on other people. Did you know that studies show seeing a smile activates the part of our brain that processes sensory rewards? So, when you smile at someone, they feel rewarded.

We hope you’ll use some of these tips to start showing kindness every day. Imagine what we could achieve if everyone was a little kinder?!

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